Forged from the fiery depths of Mt. Kilimanjaro (which even though it’s snow-covered, we assure you the depths are fiery indeed), half steel, two-thirds magma, and one-quarter nutmeg, something orange arises to conquer the known world of rock.

Uhm, we’re four guys who like to make music. It’s your typical boy meets boy in high school, boy makes music with boy, boy does other stuff for a decade, boy gets back together with boy to make more music… you’ve seen it a million times…

Status: On Hiatus

In the summer of 2010, to the chagrin of the rest of the band, Jarrod decided to put the needs of his family ahead of the band and moved away to take a full-time teaching job that offered piddly little things like steady pay, benefits, professional development, health insurance, etc… I know, can ya believe it?

So we’re officially on hiatus, until we’re all back to WNY, and when that day comes, Something Orange will once again shine. We will rock Harvester once again. One day, we will.


so-cover-art-600-300x300Stagger and Stumble (2010)