Prayers for Rain was a pop-rock group that played around the Buffalo area and opened for such acts as The Psychedelic Furs, 54/40, and Brian Vanderark. We released an eponymous 5-song EP in 2004. Here’s one of our official bios:

Prayers for Rain is an original modern-rock/pop band from Buffalo NY. The music is characterized by intelligent lyrics, catchy melodies, and a strong pop sensibility.

Singer-songwriter Rich Militello fronts an evocative, sophisticated rhythm section led by drummer Cave Wilson. PFR is discerningly textured by the guitar and vocal work of Patrick Collette, the bass thumping of Corey Pietrzak, as well as keyboard and vocal stylings of Jamie Rozek.


Prayers for Rain (2004)


Prayers for Rain is unfortunately no more. We played our farewell show in June of aught 6. Obviously everyone thinks highly of their own work, but I really think we were one of the better unknown bands in Buffalo.


“Prayers for Rain are one of WNY’s best kept secrets. They write cleverly crafted songs with mass market appeal; and this group can rock with the best!! They play as frequently as Steely Dan , so if you hear of an upcoming show… it’s a must!!!”

– Robbie Konikoff, Buffalo Music Hall of Fame member

“This band has real talent…great song construction…great production. They are true musicians, not just another copy-band. It’s quality that many new bands think they have…only they really have it!”

– Rob Lucas, Star 102.5 Radio