Patrick Collette Vocals, Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Maddog Drums, Percussion
Whole Beef Bass, Didgeridoo
Sheila E Keyboards, Vocals

Imagine if somehow Mark Knopfler, Adam Duritz, Neil Peart, and Michael Stipe could get together and simultaneously impregnate Sarah McLachlan.

Well, no… don’t actually imagine the act itself, or the logistics of the fertilization process, but concentrate more on the strange offspring that would result.

Actually, that’s kinda sick too huh? Ok, on second thought this analogy isn’t really working out…

Just Plain Todd is basically a glorified home-recording project. We don’t pose for magazines. We don’t do benefit concerts. We don’t play out at all.

Hell, there isn’t even a “we” to be perfectly honest with you…


caterpillardaydreams1000-300x300 Caterpillar Daydreams (2001)

lighthousekeeper1000-300x300 Lighthouse Keeper (1999)