I am part of America’s Premier Barenaked Ladies Tribute Band. Seriously, there is no better BNL cover band than ours. If you find one, I’ll eat my hat.

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Our story begins on one cold, rainy day, when four young lads from Liverpool dreamed of making it big in America. And so they swam across the Atlantic, and as they did, one underwent mitosis along the way (we won’t say who because Dan’s still sensitive about it) and soon the 5 lads arrived on American shores.

Realizing they were naked, they stumbled across five other gentlemen, and through judicious employment of the classic “hey, is that a rabbit over there?”, quickly divested the five men of their clothes.

These men ran off to Canada and formed a rock band, and so our heroes decided that they should do the same. Since the formerly clothed quintet had already gone to the trouble of writing a bunch of good songs, these now fully clothed gents decided to make life easier on themselves and just play the other guys’ songs.