Selling Yourself

I am a plumber, quiet and unseen. If you live in your house for 30 years and never have a leaky shower, dripping pipe, or busted drain, you don’t ever think about the plumber who was hired when your house was built. If he does his job right and is highly competent, you don’t notice […]

Because You Can’t Send Crack in the Mail

OK, I thought this was the most interesting piece of mail we received this week. Amidst all the various coupons for baby products, magazines about baby raising, and credit card offers for Molly, we received this little gem: photo:2036118379 It’s a DVD with all the latest and greatest info on both “Guiding Light” and “As […]

Houdini Schmoudini

Harry Houdini has nothing on our daughter. She can wiggle her arms out of anything we put her in. The only consolation I have is that even at the hospital when she was put in her little baby straight-jacket and swaddled by professional swaddlers, she still managed to escape. And who designs clothes for babies […]

Hurray for #2!

Never in my 30+ years on this earth did I ever think I’d be excited, I mean really excited, to see someone else have a bowel movement. I can honestly say it never even crossed my mind… It’s actually been going really well so far, our only real major concern was that she hadn’t had […]

Molly is Here!

Ok, since many have wondered, here’s the basic rundown of events: Tue morning: We had our scheduled check-in, everything was fine, no progress at all. Looked like maybe next week at best. Wed morning: Kate started having fairly regular contractions in the morning. We went in at 8:00 for a check-in, but it was still […]

The Prayers For Rain Farewell Show

Friday, June 23, 2006. The Prayers For Rain Farewell Show. It’s only now I realize we should have done a benefit concert and passed around the guitar case. Damn hindsight. Rich, Cave, and Jaime loaded all the gear in earlier that day. It’s nice to just show up and plug-in. I’m easy like sunday morning.¬†We […]