patrick-headshot-1-150x150I’m a “soup-to-nuts” kinda guy.

For the past 2 years I’ve been a web developer with for office of Creative Services at SUNY Binghamton. For a decade before that I’ve been the self-proclaimed “Lord of the Web” at SUNY GCC  .

I put on and off the many hats of web services manager, full-stack developer, content strategist, designer, and all-around problem solver. I love having a hand in every facet of web development.

In the same day I may help Financial Aid explain the FAFSA in a way students understand, design a user-friendly template for the Admissions site, develop a social media aggregator, add a new module to the class schedule. I love using the web to help people find new and creative ways to solve problems.


545247_4134233719645_1857292321_n-1-150x150I first heard Sultans of Swing when I was 13, and I knew immediately what I wanted to do. Play guitar like Mark Knopfler. I got my first guitar that xmas, started my first band a couple years later, and have been in and out of various projects ever since.

I released two albums in the years right after college when I was my most prolific (if it’s either sit through another psych class, or jam with friends and write music, which would you pick?). I’ve had lots of false starts since, but am trying to find my place again.


I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful children. They keep me constantly on my toes, surprised, confused, and entertained. I was a neuroscientist in a previous life. I’d love to be a carpenter if my skills were better. In the meantime I resign myself to remodeling our house and building furniture for the kids.

So far, no injuries have been sustained as a result of my work.

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