This is the first new song I’ve recorded in quite a long time. I’m trying to find the balance again between writing/recording and … well… everything else in life. It’s my first Garageband recording. It still needs mastering and better drums. Actually like everything I put out I listen back and keep thinking, “oh, I can play/sing that better”… but I need to stop perfecting and keep going. So consider it a demo.

If the player doesn’t load, go to Reverbnation, or visit my Facebook music page at


Hinted by an orange horizon
Whispered to a child’s sleeping ear
The picture develops
The fortunes release
And the barrier’s breached

Promise to a hopeful believer
Threatened by a lonely tonight
A possible answer
To the worries that leave us so blind
Is revealed in the light

Holder of a better solution
Waiting for the moment to find
The natural ending and the only resolution
To the present and past
Of the first and the last
But it approaches far too fast for me

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