Who Needs Content Strategy? You Do.

I think quite often in higher ed, when we think of content strategy, we think of marketing. At a lot of institutions, if someone has the title “Content Strategist”, they’re probably working for a Marketing office. In fact, the question came up at #strategycar from this past Friday, “is content strategy different that integrated marketing?” To […]


This is the first new song I’ve recorded in quite a long time. I’m trying to find the balance again between writing/recording and … well… everything else in life. It’s my first Garageband recording. It still needs mastering and better drums. Actually like everything I put out I listen back and keep thinking, “oh, I […]

Who Are You? Who Who? Who Who?

After sitting through another excellent #strategycar last week, I got thinking about the audience portals that we’re considering revamping. Currently we have three broad audiences of “Students” , “Employee” and “Alumni”. We’re considering segmenting this further into more easily identifiable segments such as “International” , “Adult”, “High School”, “Community”, etc. The theory is that if we allow […]

Interface Design = Tightrope Walking

Round 2 of responsive investigations had Jackie and I talking about layout. As you recall from Round 1, we have a basic foundation for the navigation menus. Again, this is just a draft used to build the first prototype. Now it’s time to start setting up an actual interface. One of the hardest parts of navigation […]

Responsive Design, Responsive Designing

It occurred to me that while “responsive” is a new buzzword in web design, it really shouldn’t take anyone by surprise, as conceptually, we’ve been doing it for years. As you recall from Round 1, we drafted a basic foundation for the navigation menus: Initial Navigation Scheme Section Navigation About Us Academics Admissions Campus Life News […]

Icons Get No Love

I have a love/hate relationship with icons. As a designer, I love nice clean little icons that help the user navigate. The problem lies in creating an icon that is so obvious to everyone as to what it is, that there won’t be any confusion as to where it takes them. For example, we want […]

Selling Yourself

I am a plumber, quiet and unseen. If you live in your house for 30 years and never have a leaky shower, dripping pipe, or busted drain, you don’t ever think about the plumber who was hired when your house was built. If he does his job right and is highly competent, you don’t notice […]

The Awesomeness that is HighedWeb

Still basking in the glow of the HighedWeb Conference (#heweb13) in Buffalo this week. The best thing about this conference was the community. I guess it’s not odd that with so much of our focus on social media, it’s the social aspect that really makes this conference shine. This isn’t in anyway meant to disregard […]

MuraCon 2013

Had a great time at MuraCon 2013. For anyone who doesn’t know, Mura is a Coldfusion Content Management System. It’s lightweight yet scalable, super-customizable, and is getting better all the time. I saw a preview of 6.1 and am eagerly waiting for it to come out, lots of feature enhancements on the admin side that’ll […]